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Product News: FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2023 R1 Available for Download

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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We are happy to announce the release of FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2023 R1 release, which is available for download from the Product and License Center. This notification includes the release highlights and resources for FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2023 R1.

Release Highlights

The following key features and enhancements were added to FlexNet Operations On-Premises as part of this release:

Entitlement Management

The following enhancements to entitlement management were added:

  • Ability to remove metered licenses from a CLS instance using web services
  • “Specify Expiration Date” during entitlement creation now marked as mandatory
  • Support for custom host attributes of type “Hex”
  • Improved filter for listing entitlements in End-User Portal
  • New merge tag for part number description in entitlement email template
  • Ability in bulk upgrade wizard to copy custom attributes
  • Enhancement to bulk upgrade functionality for embedded devices using auto-fulfill
  • License model custom attributes are now editable
  • Improved cloud license server behavior for feature changes
  • New system configurations have been added to:

    • Control an entitlement’s lastModifiedDate
    • Remove metered licenses from a CLS instance
    • Control the “Qty to add” field for mapping activation IDs

License Management

New system configurations have been added to:

  • Enable producers to stop applying a -1 day rollback to the license start date
  • Consolidate the licenses that contain multiple line items for the same feature if certain entities are identical for all line items
  • Support multiple parent license server instances

Device Management

Producers can now limit or prohibit binding-break repairs on the local license server.

SOAP Web Services

The following enhancements to SOAP web services were added:

  • Enhancements to Entitlement Order Service (Version 5):

    • New optional parameter to return entitlement line items based on their license model type (embedded or non-embedded)
    • New method to support sortBy parameter for sorting columns
  • Enhancements to User Account Hierarchy Service:

    • New version 5 enables producers to retrieve the account ID and the account name in one SOAP call
    • New method to support sortBy parameter for sorting columns (version 4)
  • Enhanced filtering functionality for searchDevices operation in Manage Device service (version 5)
  • Introducing Download Packaging service version 3 with new search parameter, which enables producers to import data about periodic updates into their back office system
  • Enhancement to Product Packaging service (version 2), enabling producers who manage their own end-user portal to display periodic updates to their products

Export and Import

Producers can now update product line names, maintenance product names, and the product name and version using the Product Packaging import template.

Account & User Management

The following enhancements to account and user management were added:

  • Producers now have greater control over who can edit a user’s geographic information in the End-User Portal.
  • A new lower-level permission can be used to allow users who should not have access to sensitive system configuration parameters to view trusted activation requests.

User Experience

The FlexNet Operations Producer Portal and End-User Portal online help are hosted on the Revenera Documentation Server,, providing one central location for all FlexNet Operations documentation.

For a more detailed list of changes and issue fixes in this release, please refer to the FlexNet Operations 2023 R1 On-Premises Release Notes on the Documentation site.

To download FlexNet Operations 2023 R1, navigate to the Product and License Center.

NOTE: A Revenera Community account is required to download from the Product and License Center. If you do not have an account, please see our community training videos below for guidance.

End of Life Notice

FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2023 R1 will follow our current end-of-life policy. Please see the FlexNet Operations end-of-life page for the product lifecycle timeline.

If you have any questions about this release or would like further assistance, please contact your Revenera account representative or our Revenera Technical Support team.