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VCG and Publisher.xml upload depending on license types

VCG and Publisher.xml upload depending on license types

Steps to Upload the VCG in On-premise for Windows

1.Download the VCG (it will be in .exe format).

2.Open the Local FNO installed directory in your machine.

3.Copy the VCG kit downloaded in step 1 and paste it in the folder C:\Program Files\FlexNet Operations\components\wildfly\standalone\deployments\flexnet.ear\flexnet-data\site\bin





4.Restart the FNO server.

5.Follow the below steps to configure the VCG in the FNO UI.

  1. a)  In the FlexNet Operations Producer Portal, click Administer > License Generators.
  2. b) Click Add a License Generator Configuration.
  3. c) From the License Technology drop-down, select FlexNet Publisher Licensing Toolkit.
  4. d) View or change the values of the following settings. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk.







6.Once the VCG is configured, create a product in FNO  and deploy it for testing by choosing the license generator as the one uploaded from the drop down as shown below


Note: Use Node locked counted license model as we are testing for certificate-based license.


7.Create an entitlement for the product created in step 6.

8.Activate the entitlement created in step 7.

9.Generate the license as shown below



If the license is generated successfully, then the VCG is successfully working.


1.Vcg kit is uploaded to directory C:\Program Files\FlexNet Operations\components\wildfly\standalone\deployments\flexnet.ear\flexnet-data\site\bin (folder name might vary depending on the FNO installation directory) and publisher.xml is uploaded to C:\Program Files\FlexNet Operations\custom\x64_n6\bin\ for x64 Windows.

2.VCG kit upload is good enough for certificate based licensing whereas publisher.xml has to be uploaded additionally for trusted storage based licensing.

3.A restart of the server is required for the changes to be reflected in the UI.

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