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Scheduling and Emailing Documents in Reporter

Scheduling and Emailing Documents in Reporter

Scheduling and Emailing Documents
Emailing documents requires the document to be scheduled. This scheduling can be recurring or a one-time execution.
When scheduling a document, you can choose Email Recipients or Reporter Inbox as the destination. Reporter users can also use the Send To functionality to simply copy a document to another user’s Reporter inbox.


Scheduling and Emailing to Email Recipients
Follow the instructions below to schedule a document and have Reporter deliver it to a list of email recipients.


 To schedule a document to email recipients
1. Select the document to schedule. Choose one of the following methods to select the document:
     • Right-click the document name from the list and choose Schedule.
     • With the document selected, choose Actions > Schedule from the toolbar.
Reporter opens the Schedule page.

Specify a title for the scheduled document
2. Review all panels (using the links on left) prior to submitting

Instance Title :Name for the scheduled document.
Recurrence: How often and when should this run? Default is Now, which will run once when Schedule is clicked.Depending on frequency, a different form will have to be filled in.
Prompts: If the report has prompts, this page will allow entry of prompt values.
Formats and Destinations:Includes Output Format and Destination and Destinations Options and Settings sections.
Follow the instructions in the next two steps to apply Formats and Destinations settings.
3. Specify Output Format and Destination settings on the Formats and Destinations panel.
     • Output Format - Choose an output format.
     • Output Format Details - Choose Email Recipients.
Selecting Excel as the output format and Email Recipients.
4. Specify Destinations Options and Settings on the Formats and Destinations panel.
     a. Click Destinations Options and Settings.
     b. Schedule to email recipients:
     • Enter email addresses, subject, and any message text to include.
     • By default, the email will include an attached file using the report name and proper file extension.
     • Email addresses are comma separated.
     • Attachment size limit is 5 MB.
    c. Check Cleanup instance after scheduling to avoid saving the results from the scheduled document. If you leave this blank, you may need to do                     periodic cleanup of scheduled saved documents.

5. Click Schedule.
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