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Known Issues for FlexNet Operations 2014 On-Premises

Known Issues for FlexNet Operations 2014 On-Premises


This is a list of known issues for FlexNet Operations 2014 On-Premises.


This is a list of known issues for FlexNet Operations 2014 On-Premises.

Cluster Mode

? Activating certificate line item on new host from Producer or Enterprise Portal: This error message appears when trying to activate a certificate line item on a new host from the Producer and Enterprise Portals in a clustered environment: An unknown error has occurred. See the FlexNet application log for details. (IOA-000084467)


? Duplicate custom attributes displayed for some users who upgrade from FNO to 12.9: For FlexNet Operations users who have created duplicate host types for different custom license technologies and defined identically named custom host attributes for both host types, FlexNet Operations 12.9 may show duplicate host types. In version 12.9, host types are no longer implicitly bound to a license technology. A host type created for one custom license technology can be re-used with other custom license technologies. Any pre-existing, duplicate host types show up as different entities after the upgrade to 12.9. (IOC-000089327)

FlexNet Embedded Licensing

? Unable to download license template with some versions of Firefox: Attempts to download license templates for keyboard activation with Firefox versions 13.01, 14.01, and 16.02 fail. (IOA?000075343)

? FlexNet Operations does not support FlexNet Embedded licenses with date-based versions: FNE licenses with date-based versions result in unpredictable behavior when administered via FlexNet Operations. FlexNet Operations returns an error when users attempt to create an FNE license with a date-based version. (IOC-000087293)

? Visibility of add-on items to partner/distributor users: When distributor users log into the Enterprise Portal, they can view the devices that belong to their organization. They see all the add-on line items linked to the device, even if the add-on line item is usually not visible to that user on the Manage Entitlements page. (IOC-000085063)

? Custom attribute dates: Date custom attributes cannot be used while searching for devices. (IOA-000056228)

? Capability response shows incorrect error: When a device contains inactive or obsolete line items as add-ons, the capability response does not include the appropriate error message. The message states: Add-on is not compatible with this device; it will be ignored. (IOC?000085502)

? Registering a device with required attributes via the Enterprise Portal: A device cannot be registered on the Enterprise Portal when the device type has required attributes that cannot be set. For example, if you require an attribute for the FLX_CLIENT device type, you cannot register a FLX_CLIENT device type through the Enterprise Portal unless you implement a method to set the required attribute programmatically. To permit the registration of a device type that has a required attribute, either implement the decodeDeviceId callout to set the attribute or ensure the device defines the required attribute in its request. (IOC-000086908)

? Buffer licenses: The advanced search for buffer licenses is not working properly on the Served Client tab. Non-buffer licenses are also displayed. (IOA-000082920)

License Technologies

? Trusted storage licensing?FlexNet Operations permits the deletion of a license model from a deployed product: When a license model is deleted from an entitlement line item, FlexNet Operations also deletes the associated transaction key. As a result, subsequent life cycle operations are problematic. Until this issue is resolved, avoid deleting the license model from deployed products when there are existing fulfillments for that product. (IOB-000060654)

Web Services

? getOrganizationsQuery and orgType: The UNKNOWN organization cannot be returned by the getOrganizationsQuery operation. (IOC-000085114)

? Date attributes: Values for date attributes (license model, host, product category) returned in web services queries are a day earlier than date set using the user interface calendar. (IOC-000085154)

? restoreServedClient status: When restoreServedClient is used to restore a client with dropped or expired status, the served client is not restored with the same status. (IOA-000083812)

Bulk Operations

? Binary license files: Binary license files cannot be generated using bulk operations. (IOA?000057431)


? Server hosts with nodelocked, counted license models: When a server host used with a nodelocked counted license model is transferred, the corresponding nodelocked hosts are not transferred. (IOA-000056732)

User Interface

? Return license downloads: When a fulfillment is returned, FlexNet Operations typically does not allow the user to download the license that belonged to that fulfillment. Currently, the user is able to download this license from the Manage Hosts page. (IOA-000055268)

? Upgrade child fulfillments: A customer user logging into the Enterprise Portal is able to upgrade fulfillment records belonging to his or her sub organizations, even if the user does not have appropriate permissions (Upgrade Child Fulfillments). (IOA-000056680)

? Support Licenses page not showing some status changes made on Manage Hosts page: Setting the license of a fulfillment based on a custom license technology on the Manage Hosts page will not change the on-hold state of the fulfillment on the Support Licenses page. (IOC?000088752)

? Role changes: An administrative user?s canceled Create a Role and Manage Roles changes on the Administer Operations > Roles page of the Producer Portal are saved. Canceled Create a Role and Manage Roles operations with no changes cause a warning: Name is required. (IOA-000083560)


? Custom host attribute values are not correctly recorded in the reporting database: The values for custom attributes are not successfully stored in the reporting database (Device Dimension table) after the data transformation process runs. The data transformation process only transforms values for custom host attributes for new devices and for devices that have been updated since the last data transformation job. To ensure that custom host attribute values are added to the reporting database for existing devices, you can either use the Producer Portal user interface to save each device or use web services to update your devices? last-modified date. For example, you could use web services to populate each device?s deviceIdentifier element and submit a no-op update request. A data transformation job run subsequent to these steps will correctly capture the devices? custom host attribute values. (IOA-000071407)

? Unable to edit reports in Cognos via Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9: When Internet Explorer 8 or 9 users attempt to edit Cognos reports by clicking Edit in Query Studio or Edit in Report Studio on the Manage Standard Reports page, an error such as the following occurs: The search path "/content/package[@name='FNO Reporting']/folder#@na#e='Standard Reports'#/query[@na#e='Entitlement History']" is invalid. (IOA-000075828)

? extendTimeDimension command: Running the extendTimeDimension command to create data in the Time_Dimension table in the reporting database shows errors.
Jun 24, 2011 11:33:54 AM oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver registerMBeans
SEVERE: Error while registering Oracle JDBC Diagnosability MBean.

(Error Stack Trace)


Current Start Date(MM/DD/YYYY):01/01/1990
Current End Date(MM/DD/YYYY):12/31/2015
Nonetheless, the data is still created in the Time_Dimension table. These errors can be ignored. (IOC-000086957)


? FlexNet Operations no longer supports host ID types for older dongles: The following FlexNet Publisher host ID types are no longer supported by FlexNet Operations: FLEXID6, FLEXID7, FLEXID8. (IOC-000089601)

? Searches are case-sensitive when using an Oracle database for FlexNet Operations data: It may be possible for Oracle to be configured for case-insensitive searches. Contact Oracle support for the proper steps to take for your Oracle version and environment. (IOA-000026838)

? Allow editing of deployed entities: If the configuration setting to allow edits to deployed entities is enabled, users can remove and add features on deployed products. To remove all features in a deployed product and add other features to it, add the new features before deleting the existing features from the product. Otherwise, FlexNet Operations displays an error. This is also an issue in updateProduct or updateUniformSuite web services if all features are replaced in a deployed entity. (IOA-000054594)
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