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FlexNet Operations Reporter 4.3 - Known Issues

FlexNet Operations Reporter 4.3 - Known Issues


This article provides a running list of currently known issues with Reporter 4.3 which was made available in the FlexNet Operations environment on the following dates:

UAT: April 9, 2024

Production: May 12, 2024 

Feature Use Cases

We will update this article as issues are resolved or added.

Issue 1: Send From email errors [Resolved]

When scheduling an emailed report from Reporter in UAT, populating the "Send From" field shows an error.  Workaround applied to resolve issue sending emails from Reporter.  Long term approach being assessed.

Issue 2: Scheduled report history missing some scheduled instances [Resolved]

When reviewing scheduled report history in UAT, most scheduled instances were migrated but some were not.   The few that were identified were resolved with an update to UAT Reporter.

Issue 3: Missing Subscribed Alerts [Resolved]

UAT Reporter is missing subscribed alerts for data refresh completion.  Alert for data refresh completion is enabled in UAT for configured tenants.  Contact support if you need it configured in your tenant.

Issue 4: Recent Documents not working [Resolved]

The "Recent Documents" section in UAT does not seem to display recently reviewed documents.   Refreshing and saving document will address display in the "Recent Documents" section.  

Issue 5: Performance [Resolved]

Reporter 4.3 has slow performance in UAT which is under investigation.  Updates were made to UAT and production to improve performance.  Contact support if you encounter any significant issues. 

Issue 6: Missing Folders/Reports [Resolved]

Some users are missing folders or reports in production which is caused by an incorrect permission set up with the migration.  If you encounter this issue, please enter a support case so we can address.  

Issue 7: Scheduled Reports [Resolved]

The migration of scheduled reports is taking time to process so many are still running from Reporter 4.2 until they have been moved over.    You should still be receiving your scheduled reports but history may be delayed until those scheduled instances are fully migrated to Reporter 4.3.    Scheduled instances have been fully migrated to Reporter 4.3 so if there is any missing history you need, please advise support as soon as possible.

Issue 8: BI Inbox 

The BI Inbox option is currently not accessible.  

Issue 9: LLM Reporter Refresh Delays 

LLM Reporter production data refresh typically completes by 5am Pacific but has been experiencing delays due to the migration of data in readiness for the production move to AWS. It is expected to resolve upon completion of the production migration of LLM to AWS.

More Information

For more information about the Reporter functionality, please see the Reporter User Guide (ALM or  LLM).

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