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FlexNet Operations 2014 SP1 Resolved Issues

FlexNet Operations 2014 SP1 Resolved Issues


FlexNet Operations 2014 SP1 Resolved Issues


FlexNet Operations 2014 Service Pack 1 ( includes the following enhancements:

? Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) values for host ID are now supported when a license is generated
using FlexNet Publisher technology. IPv6 is intended to replace IPv4, and a user is now able to
choose between a version 4 and version 6 IP address.

? The publisher user is now supported in the public API call
com.flexnet.operations.publicapi.FulfillmentSearchCriteria when searching
fulfillments, which prevents loss of fulfillment history and licensing data.

? FlexNet Operations 2014 was built against FlexNet Embedded 2014 (6.0) .jar files. Support for a
hostid type of PUBLISHER_DEFINED has been added. By default, FlexNet Operations does not
enable this type, and it is not shown in the user interface as an ID type that can be used to create a
license server. To enable the PUBLISHER_DEFINED type, follow the same steps outlined for the
EXTENDED type (but remove the PUBLISHER_DEFINED keyword from the excludedIdTypes= list in
step 4a) in procedure To create a server device, before the local license server connects, using the
default server host type
of the FlexNet Operations Getting Started Guide for FlexNet Embedded

? FlexNet Operations demonstration vendor certificate generator (VCG) executables were replaced
with those from the FlexNet Operations 2014 VCG kit.

Resolved Issues
These issues have been resolved in FlexNet Operations 2014 Service Pack 1 (

? FNO-11138 A user with view permission was able to change the channel partner of an

? FNO-11257 When a custom ID generator was implemented for bulk operations, license term
information generated an error during bulk upgrade.

? FNO-11383 A potential attacker was able to interfere with another user?s license activation web

? FNO-11502 It was possible to bypass Enterprise Portal authorization restrictions to gain access
to other organizations by linking the inaccessible organization as a suborganization.

? FNO-11505 Autocomplete was enabled for Enterprise and Producer Portal password fields.

? FNO-11579 FlexNet Operations was not able to load an application specification record (ASR)
into trusted storage when handling multiple publisher.xml files.

? FNO-11616 It was possible to force the browser to load an external web page through FlexNet
Operations Producer Portal on-line help.

? FNO-11637 The hardcoded serverHostID (?FLEXID=6-a6300155?) that FlexNet Operations
uses to generate ASRs caused problems in FlexNet Publisher.

? FNO-11665 Product upgrade was not working properly following a trial ASR. The presence of a
trial ASR on a client prevented FlexNet Operations from deleting the parent
fulfillment after activating the child fulfillment.

? FNO-11711 Double quotes in an organization?s display name, when used as a substitution
variable in the NOTICE field of a license, generated an error.

? FNO-11714 Some custom license model attribute values were not transformed to the FlexNet
Operations reporting database.

? FNO-11747 A custom FlexNet Embedded signer worked in FlexNet Operations only if the
signer?s CryptoType was CryptoType.CUSTOM.

? FNO-11757 A user was unable to set up clustered nodes with a load balancer when sticky
session was disabled.

? FNO-11759 Checkout times were excessive when an entitlement contained a large number of
linked activation IDs.

? FNO-11763 In the Enterprise Portal, it was possible to initiate a password reset for other users
without permission.

? FNO-11773 The answer to a user?s security question was visible in the Enterprise and Producer

? FNO-11829 These country codes were missing when an organization was created: AX=Aland
Islands; BQ=Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba; CD= Democratic
Republic of Congo; CW=Curacao; GG=Guernsey; IM=Isle of Man;
JE=Jersey; ME=Montenegro; PS= State of Palestine; RS=Serbia;
SS=South Sudan; SX=Sint Maarten; BL=St. Bartelemy; MF=St.
Martin; and TL=Timor-Leste.

? FNO-11906 An error message was displayed when a user navigated to the Manage Devices
page with a web register key (activation ID) as a login parameter.

? FNO-11974 A time gap due to a missing FlexNet licensing sync message was not rejected by
FlexNet Operations.

? FNO-12090 FlexNet Operations did not cache the last domain used during login.

? FNO-12461 Online and offline sync data was not properly updated in FlexNet Operations with
feature, count, and device information.



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