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Deploy all takes much longer than expected, what is the cause and how to reduce the Deployment time

Deploy all takes much longer than expected, what is the cause and how to reduce the Deployment time


This article explains the Flexnet Operations Application deployment or Deploy All is taking a long time than expected, how to find what was the cause and how to fix it.


If Deployment is not failed but it was taking more time than expected or if you are seeing the time to complete the deployment is increasing every new deployment then there might be lots of  Import/Export files or Data Extract files in the ADMN directory and .prd files in the prd directory located in this below path




 To fix this issue, try to clear these files after taking backup regularly under the below listed path to speedup the Deployment and reduce the deployment time





  • Where the ADMN directory will have the Import/export and data extract files  if the file location configured as default.
  • partdatatemp directory will have partnumber related XML temp files 
  • wrkdatatemp directory will have WebRegKeys related XML temp files and
  • prd directory will have FNP license activation related prd temp files, read more about prd files click here
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