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Change FNO Setup log files directory for FNO on-premises

Change FNO Setup log files directory for FNO on-premises


How to change the "fno-setup.log" logfile directory for FNO on-premises setup?


FNO-setup is being deployed on the tomcat. So by changing the value of param "File" in the log4j.xml file of tomcat present under "<FNO_INSTALLED_DIRECTORY>\components\tomcat\webapps\flexnetsetup\WEB-INF\classes", the path of the log can be changed.

For example in the attached screenshot, I have moved the log path to "C:\Program Files\FlexNet Operations\components\tomcat\logs" of my local setup.




<FNO_INSTALLED_DIRECTORY>  may vary in your case and it depends on the path selected while installation. The default installation location is "C:\Program Files\FlexNet Operations"

NOTE:  This article is only to change the "fno-setup.log"  but not the other logs like flexnet.log or 3rdparty log. 

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