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Redirect License with extra LMTool

Hi everyone, 

is it possible to install a local LMTool, which checkouts a license from a license server and makes this license available for my local machine?

The problem I have is, that if I open two programs accidently, it will checkout two licenses. But the licenses are really expensive, so I want to make sure, I check out only one license. So I limit the licenses my local LMTool can checkout.

If this is possible, what steps are necessary?

Thank you very much.


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @stefanhae 

 You can use the LMBORROW utility for this request. To initiate borrowing, the end-user of the FlexEnabled application sets the borrow period by running lmborrow from the command line or through lmtools on the FlexEnabled client machine. 

 On client end run it as "lmborrow.exe <vendor_daemon_name> <expiration dd-mmm-yyyy>"

then process the client checkout and ensure that either application exists, or check-in is performed, to complete the client-side borrow cache creation.


Post that client should have a local copy of borrowed feature available till the expiration period.


Best Regards,



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