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Process Trusted Storage Activations poll rate

Before ver. 11.5, in order to process trusted storage activations, the alert Process Trusted Storage Activations needed to be enabled and it was possible to set the poll rate.

From Operations ver. 11.5, this alert no longer needs to be enabled and was removed from the UI.
As it is now it's not possible to change the poll rate for this anymore. Is there a another way to speed this up as it is quiet slow (~5-10sec per request)?
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Re: Process Trusted Storage Activations poll rate

I'll have to defer to someone who knows more about the internals, but my impression is that the post-8.3 FNO trusted activations use the Java Message Service, and from memory I don't know how one would configure that.

(The Activation API also specifies a polling interval; by default it's every second, but perhaps the flxActCommonHandleSetPollInterval function is set to a larger value?)
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Re: Process Trusted Storage Activations poll rate

Thanks Robert. flxActCommonHandleSetPollInterval is not set, so it should be 1 second poll rate. The main issue is the Operations poll rate.
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