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Password reset mail not sent in UAT FNO


I am currently trying to get a password reset mail to a subscriber user in our FNO UAT system.
FNO Admin -> Sent mails shows that the mail should have been sent, but no mail ever arrives.

Is this a known issue, is there anything I can check?



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Re: Password reset mail not sent in UAT FNO

Hi Jan,

Are you testing this in FNO Cloud? In the cloud by default we suppress the emails from the UAT. So please check if you have enabled the config "Log emails in history, do not send them" present under system-->config-->FlexNet Platform Server. If this is checked, mails will not be sent from FNO, but will be logged only and can be seen under Administer-->Email-->Sent Emails.

In addition to the above please make sure, the email templates "Welcome Email for Producers" or "Welcome Email for End Users" are enabled w.rt to the type of users you are creating. These email templates can be found under "Administer-->Email-->Templates".

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