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License Timeout Not Working As Client Not Seen As Idle

I am a license server administrator for the MATLAB software, which uses FlexLM for its licensing management.  We have been running out of available licenses and I did an investigation into it.  We already have the TIMEOUT MATLAB 14400 set in the MLM options file.  I did validate that the timeout works on a MATLAB client left open for over 4 hrs. that is not in command view.  However if the MATLAB client software is in command view, FlexLM is not considering the software as idle for some reason even though there have been no mouse clicks or user activity for over 4 hrs.  This is a big problem as many users leave their software in command view mode.  Can you please tell me how to solve this issue?

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Flexera Alumni

@bbattersby , by inactivity Flexnet licensing means the communication between the license server and client. By default, there is a heartbeat process in between client and server that ensures that both are in sync and communicating to each other (at a periodic interval).

If an automatic heartbeat is disabled for a client application OR, the client is in no more communication with the server (network issues or others), then the client will be regards as "inactive" by the license server and hence post 14400 seconds licenses provided to this client would be claimed back by the server.

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This stuff always confused me. Thanks for reiterating.

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