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Client computer crash

Hello, we are using FLEXnet Operations 8.3 with Trusted Storage and would like advice on what to do in the following scenario:

A client purchases 10 copies of our product. An entitlement is created with one line item (the product) with 10 copies.
The client activates 3 of these copies on three different computers.
One of the client's computer crashes.
The client buys a new computer and activates our product. The client has now 4 activations but only three computers. We need to remove one of the activations/fulfillments on the Operations Server.

How should we go about doing this?

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Re: Client computer crash

Hi Chris,
In FNO 8.3, we don't have any support to remove or cancel a fulfillment record. In the next release of FNO, we are adding enhancements for Trusted storage activation. We will see if we can address this use case then.

Please file an enhancement request through our standard support process.

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