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Using a dongle as a license server hostID

Using a dongle as a license server hostID


Using a dongle as a license server hostID


Assume, for example, you're setting up a local license server tied to a FlexID 10 dongle using the .NET XT FNE 2016 R2 toolkit on 64bit Windows, as the Ethernet MAC address won?t work for your business plan.

Following the FNE_LicenseServerAdminGuide_2016 document, you've tried to put "ACTIVE_HOSTID=FLEXID10=a1b2c3d4" (or whatever the actual ID was for the dongle) and a few variations on that.

You received one of 2 results from everything you tried:
1) The server wouldn't start (you're assuming because the syntax of that line was incorrect)
2) The server would start and use the MAC address (ignoring that line altogether)

You've confirmed the dongle driver is installed (and you're able to use the dongle with other applications of your product, just not the license server), so this really just seems like a configuration issue. What's the problem?


From flexnetls.settings:

#Active hostid in <value>/<type> format, such as C001D9999/Ethernet. If not set will use default hostid

So, the correct syntax for the above example would be:

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