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Reclaiming a license from a defunct client

Reclaiming a license from a defunct client


Reclaiming a license from a defunct client


Assume a customer creates a VM, then borrows licenses from the Cloud License Server. Then that VM is ?destroyed? (w/out returning the licenses). How can they go about reclaiming those licenses so they can be made available again for a different server?


There are 2 ways to reclaim the licenses.

The first, assuming the borrow interval the client requested is small you can wait for the license to expire at which point the server should reclaim it back to the available pool.

The other option is to delete the client which will result in all the licenses associated with it (excluding metered licenses) being returned to the available pool. To do this you?d need to issue a HTTP DELETE to the clients REST endpoint. See ?License Server REST API?s? in the license server guide for more info.
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