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Is there a separate server borrow interval?

Is there a separate server borrow interval?


Is there a separate server borrow interval?


We have a product that allows the users to specify the amount of days for which they wish to borrow a feature from their license server.

As we rely on the C XT SDK, we proceed accordingly in the embedded code by providing FLC_EVI_DAY to FlcCapabilityRequestSetBorrowGranularity() and the amount of days, converted to seconds, is given to FlcCapabilityRequestSetBorrowInterval(). The concern is that it seems we?re unable to borrow a feature for more than 7 days.

This is a limitation that seems to come from the FlexNet License Server, as if, by example, we make a request to borrow a feature for 2160000 seconds (25 days), we do notice that the generated binary request contains the value of 0x0020F580 that correspond to that duration. Thanks to this, we assume here that the XT API is not in cause.

The expiration dates that are however bound to the returned features from the server never ever exceed 7-days-past-request-date. Is there a configuration parameter on the License Server that allows to modify this behavior if, for example, we'd like to allow a borrow of up to 31 days?


The server has a maximum borrow interval as defined by licensing.borrowInterval as defined in producer-settings.xml. The server will not allow a client to borrow a license for longer than that value which defaults to 7 days. The producer can set this value to whatever they want, including 0 which means the client can borrow the features up until their expiration. So this is working as expected assuming the producer is using the default licensing.borrowInterval.

Additional Information

Note if there a Maximum Borrow Interval specified in the License Model for the Product(s) activated on the server, that would take precedence.
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