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GetFeatureCollection(LicenseSourceOption.TrustedStorage) call takes too much time

GetFeatureCollection(LicenseSourceOption.TrustedStorage) call takes too much time


Why is the GetFeatureCollection() method call taking around half a second on average?


We're concerned the GetFeatureCollection(LicenseSourceOption.TrustedStorage) method call in the FNE 2017 R2 .NET XT SDK is taking around ~500 ms on average. In our application, we call this method on a particular operation which has become slow due to this. We?re wondering why this call is reading a lot of registry values that are related to networking and not related to licensing as such, because this operation doesn't seem to need any network communication or registry reads related to it.

The issue can be reproduced by adding some feature licenses to a client's file trusted store and call GetFeatureCollection(LicenseSourceOption.TrustedStorage) multiple times and measure the time taken to complete each call. It takes ~500 ms on an average (sometimes it takes more than that ~800 ms).


This was a known issue that was fixed with the release of FlexNet Embedded 2017 R3 (via FNE-10412).

If upgrading isn't a viable solution, you can also use the FNE 2017 R2 XT kit's config utility (or the API mechanism) to disable VM detection, followed by various hostids that you might not be using to mitigate the situation, as they're the biggest hit on performance.
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