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FlexNet Embedded error: 7000001f (Inconsistent signature type is used.)

FlexNet Embedded error: 7000001f (Inconsistent signature type is used.)


FlexNet Embedded error: 7000001f (Inconsistent signature type is used.)


The following error occurs when running FlexNet Embedded license enabled code:
?7000001f (Inconsistent signature type is used.)?


This error occurs if an example project is built with a different digital signature algorithm from the one used in generating the client or client-server identity data with pubidutil.
For example, if you generated identity data with RSA signatures but build the client example to work with TRL signatures, this error will occur.
To build the samples on Linux with a particular digital signature algorithm, set the DSALIB variable on the make command:
make -f build/ DSALIB=alg, where alg is one of TRL, RSA, or LK.
On Windows, open the corresponding Visual Studio project and select the command
Project >projectname Properties > Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies.
Ensure FlxSignatureTrl.lib, crvs.lib, and sb.lib are present for TRL signatures; FlxSignatureRsa.lib for RSA signatures; or

FlxSignatureLicenseKey.lib for LK signatures. For a local license server implementation, ensure the Server version of the appropriate signature library (FlxSignatureServerTrl.lib for TRL signatures, for example) is also included.

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