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Certificate Authentication problem

Certificate Authentication problem


FNE client cannot authenticate to send requests to FNOC or a CLS


FNE clients may not be able to authenticate when trying to send request to FNOC or a CLS. The FNE client will show the following error.

FlcCommSendBinaryMessage (following the error message format generated by
your FlexNet Embedded sample code):
[1,7e0,3,0[74000008,3c,110001f2]] Generic communications error.
[1,7e0,3,0[75000001,60,30010255]] General data transfer failure. Peer
certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates


On Windows 10 the 'thawte Primary Root CA' root cert is not installed by default. This means that FNE can't connect to any URL that uses this cert.

The problem is usually seen with clean installs of Windows 10.


FNE does not get the certificate and update the cert store, that's left up to the OS to handle. Typically some event like a Windows update or other communications operations (browser for example) already got the cert to the local machine.


Visiting the endpoint URL (FNOC or CLS) in a browser will typically add the root cert to the Windows keystore.
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