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Flexera beginner

unable to link flexera static libraries to my binary

For ARM compilation i'm getting below error.

we are using flexnet_client-arm4_linux-2018.05.0

Can anyone help what could be the issue.

libtool: link: arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc -I/usr/local/flexnet_2018.05.0_arm/usr/include -g -O2 -o license_get license_get-tbv_license_server_get_cap_response.o license_get-tbv_license_arm.o license_get-tbv_error.o license_get-tbv_file.o license_get-ErrDisplay.o license_get-tbv_license.o -L/usr/local/flexnet_2018.05.0_arm//usr/lib -lFlxHalAdapter -lFlxCrypto -lFlxEmbedded -lFlxHalFinal -lFlxSignatureRsa -lcrypto -lssl /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/ -lpthread -ldl -pthread
/usr/local/flexnet_2018.05.0_arm//usr/lib/libFlxEmbedded.a(FlxBinaryValidateDSA.o): In function `z0d35b79975':
FlxBinaryValidateDSA.c:(.text.z0d35b79975+0x98): undefined reference to `z6989d93fe0'
FlxBinaryValidateDSA.c:(.text.z0d35b79975+0x10c): undefined reference to `z388a8120bb'
FlxBinaryValidateDSA.c:(.text.z0d35b79975+0x11a): undefined reference to `za50ea6009c'
/usr/local/flexnet_2018.05.0_arm//usr/lib/libFlxEmbedded.a(FlxBinaryValidateDSA.o): In function `z78276f94e5':
FlxBinaryValidateDSA.c:(.text.z78276f94e5+0x2a): undefined reference to `z82956acfcb'
FlxBinaryValidateDSA.c:(.text.z78276f94e5+0x5a): undefined reference to `z82956acfcb'
/usr/local/flexnet_2018.05.0_arm//usr/lib/libFlxEmbedded.a(FlxBinaryValidateDSA.o): In function `z376576691e':
FlxBinaryValidateDSA.c:(.text.z376576691e+0x1e): undefined reference to `z82956acfcb'



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Flexera beginner

Re: unable to link flexera static libraries to my binary

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Re: unable to link flexera static libraries to my binary

There is a circular reference between some of our libraries which can most easily be addressed by repeating the libraries at least twice on your link line (the example makefile should demonstrate that). If you are comfortable with using -Wl,--start-group and -Wl,--end-group then you could use those instead.

Hope that helps!


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