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help guide confusion


I can see help guides with following names:

1.  FNE_Client_C_XT_API.pdf

2. FNE_Client_C_API.pdf

3. FNE_Client_DotNet_XT_API.pdf 



I could not find and help to clarify fundamental difference with and without XT or TRA. I want to build my FNE APIs to work with C++ and .Net applications, which FNE version API should I use?


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Here is the high level difference between XT, SDK and Porting kit.

1)CXT is extended kit with predefined methods/APIs to extract information from the platform it's intended for.

2)SDK is a device level code where those methods/APIs are not predefined so that you can determine your own process of collecting information needed during licensing )e.g. host name, time etc.

3)CXT and SDK kits comes as obfuscated source code meaning you do not have visibility to the code of the pre-defined parts of the libraries.

4)Porting Kit is pure source code (nothing obfuscated) and so you can amend this toolkit to build on any platform as long as it follows a 32-bit or a 64-but architecture.

5)  CXT = Traditional desktop applications running on mainstream OS.

    SDK = IoT devices where there not 'traditional' OS

    Porting Kit = Exotic/Propertary OS/Firmware/Kernal


Considering your requirement, I think you can use the .NET XT kit.

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Thanks for reply.

Documents with title 'FNE_CXT_TRA', is TRA stands for traditional? 

This has XT and TRA both.

Also, my APIs to be working with native and .Net applications, will .NET XT kit serve my purpose?

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