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feature count in uncounted license model

When using an uncounted license model, the /features API returns a JSON which has featureCount field returning "uncounted" in string

But as per documentation it should be returning a int type.

per doc:

"id" : 1,
"issued" : "2017-07-06",
"meteredUndoInterval" : 0,
"type" : "CONCURRENT",
"meteredReusable" : false,
"featureId" : "OkAZjIUQ8wuD9BeLSZb8HQ",
"vendor" : "demo",
"borrowInterval" : 604800,
"featureName" : "f4",
"renewInterval" : 15,
"used" : 0,
"featureCount" : 10,
"expiry" : "2017-08-31",
"featureVersion" : "1.0",
"featureKind" : "NORMAL_FEATURE",
"overdraftCount" : 0,
"receivedTime" : "2017-07-06T22:15:52.000Z",
"starts" : "2017-07-05",
"entitlementExpiration" : "2017-07-04",
"metered" : false,
"uncappedOverdraft" : false,
"reserved" : 0,
"concurrent" : true,
"uncounted" : false

response from LLS 

"id" : 33,
"type" : "CONCURRENT",
"featureName" : "MI_CONNECT_10_SCANNERS",
"featureVersion" : "1.0",
"expiry" : "2023-10-13",
"featureCount" : "uncounted",
"overdraftCount" : 0,
"used" : 0,
"issuer" : "GE Healthcare",
"issued" : "2020-10-21",
"notice" : "c304-82ed-3525-4433-8a88-b3ef-783f-8189",
"borrowInterval" : 604800,
"renewInterval" : 20,
"featureId" : "3vud-du5mj",
"starts" : "2020-10-13",
"featureKind" : "NORMAL_FEATURE",
"vendor" : "GEDIGIT"


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Flexera Alumni

Hello @sunilbond ,

Can you provide some information about your license model after doing some detective work investigation, checking the feature mapping to the product, and ultimately to the license model.

The below license model is an example of how a license is determined as counted vs. uncounted.


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @sunilbond ,

As Eric stated, if you have the license model attribute "Is this a counted model?" set to No, then the "uncounted" attribute of the served features will be true as in the example below with the featureCount "uncounted" .  The documentation example you referenced is for a counted license model (uncounted = false).



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Yes the license model was setup as uncounted.

What is confusing is that if I have code which consumes the output from the API /features and if there is a mix of counted and uncounted features, the code can not deserialize it in one shot. It needs to check the "uncounted" flag and then have different data models representing each... 

Is featureCount the only field that changes from int to string or are there more?



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Hi @sunilbond,

Another field "overdraftCount" also changes from int to String ("uncapped") when in the License Model the value of attribute 'Overdraft' is set to 'Unlimited'.

License Model attributesLicense Model attributes



Best Regards,


To add to previous reply,  

 the "uncappedOverdraft" flag becomes true when Overdraft is unlimited.

Uncapped overdraft flag.PNG

Best Regards,


ya one more field.

Can someone point me to the documentation which lists these data models, so that we don't have to manually try every combination of possible values ?

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Hi  @sunilbond 

found one reference from the UserGuide for C-SDK, which is 'FNE_CXTUserGuide_2020R3.pdf'.

The way to format all the feature attributes is explained in the document  page 101, using the method 'sPrintFeatureAttributes'.

The way each attribute is formatted reveals its datatype.

Also, in page 30, it is mentioned that, 

The count value "uncounted" (or value 0) is used for uncounted node-locked licenses. Counted licenses, whether to be
used on a client or served by a license server, use a positive integer count. (The count value 2147483647 is also treated
as uncounted.)




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