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Working without the LLS for floating licenses


I would like to know is LLS mandatory to implement floating licenses model?

Because, LLS is java based and to reduce memory foot print, would like to implement the floating license logic and also the other book-keeping methods internally.

Can someone comment on this.



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Re: Working without the LLS for floating licenses

Hi Ravi,

In most cases, yes, a license server is required to control a global system count, preventing multiple instances of the same application to run or use the same license.

Saying that, most FNE kit (not CMAPI) provide a capability referred to as the Private Data Source, which can be used like a secure scratch pad (signed and encrypted file) that can be used to read/write custom defined primitive types (integer and string).


The APIs use the same terminology in the respective guides (i.e. *PrivateDataSource*).



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