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Flexera beginner

Porting kit missing


I’m currently trying to cover an Android integration using Xamarin and come up to the conclusion that the porting kit that I have access to is not giving me the library output I would need for the wanted integration.

There is a native library, FlxCore.dll, that I’m using in my sample c#/.Net application integration but this library is not part of the porting kit content once building it. I would expect to get a ““ that I would include/deploy in my Xamarin project, just like I was adding the Flxcore.dll in my c#/.Net application, but I don’t see it in the lib folder once going through the porting kit process.

Can someone guide me into figuring out what I’m missing? I have access to the FlexNet Embedded C DK Porting Kit platform (2019.04) but I would assume there would be a “.NET/C XT” version of that porting kit to generate the I’m missing.



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Flexera beginner

Re: Porting kit missing

Any help on the topic?

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