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Why is file growing

Hi there,

Could someone explain why would this file ( grow up to 17GB in some cases?

When it does grow to be in GBs license server seems to be failing to return requested features.


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My first thought is to see if you never sync to the back office. If this is the case, I would suggest disabling the sync feature. To disable synchronization to the back office, the lfs.syncTo.enabled and lfs.syncTo.IncludeAll settings in producer-settings.xml must both be set to false. In this scenario, no synchronization data is collected. If the lfs.syncTo.includeAll setting is set to true, it collects a history of client records that includes all current client records and all previous client records awaiting synchronization. You can find more details on these policy settings in the License Server Producer Guide.

If these settings are already set to false or if synchronization to the back office is occurring, please open a new support case and provide us with the producer-settings.xml for our reference.

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