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Online equivalent to FlexNet Embedded?

My company uses FlexNet Embedded for securing our software which up until now has been mainly desktop applications on Windows. We don't use FlexNet Operations since we have created our own tool for license management, but we very much rely on the security that comes from the license file (local file or distributed via FlexNet Publisher).

We are now getting feedback from our customers to have more online presence. Is there an equivalent option for us to use if we would make a web app and wanted to secure it to the same level as our desktop apps? 

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Hi @pierre_olsson ,

This is a bit of a cut-and-paste from a recent response in the FNO by a colleague.

"If you have access to FNO documentation, I suggest you look into Cloud Licensing Service (CLS) and the Cloud Monetization API (CMAPI). These are the primary technologies Flexera offers for SaaS/Cloud based licensing."

FlexNet Embedded is any of the client SDKs (C, C#, JAVA) or CMAPI, which is the low footprint RESTful API endpoints, which are serviced by CLS.

Can you reach out to your account manager to discuss further if interested.



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Revenera Moderator

Halla pierre_olsson,

I think you may have posted in the wrong forum as it appears your company is using FlexNet Publisher and not FlexNet Embedded.

FlexNet Publisher was not designed for use over the web or in the cloud. It suffers from several limitations.

Eric's response regarding the use of FlexNet Operations and the Cloud Monetization API is the current recommended solution for your use case, but since you don't own FNO you probably don't have access to the documents he referred to. As suggested please contact your Flexera Account Manager if you have not already.

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