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Multiple Trusted storage


if I manage 2 users on the same machine, I have to store licenses in 2 different locations.

the use case:

1- user1:   performs FlcAddTrustedStorageLicenseSource() with hostId(user1) and license path: c:\\user1 . and I get license from server.

- close application without releases license.

and then,

2- user2:   performs FlcAddTrustedStorageLicenseSource() with hostId(user2) and license path: c:\\user2 . and I get license from server.

- close application without releases license.

now when I return to user1 and I try to get license from c:\\user1 a get error in FlcAddTrustedStorageLicenseSource() => trusted storage break.

thks for help. 

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There are some notes on this in the FNE_CXTUserGuide (see 'Specifying the Trusted Storage Location').  If you are using a device based licensing model then probably you need to locate Trusted Storage in a shared location so that different user accounts use the same TS instance.  This works fine on  Windows systems but can be tricky to implement on macOS due to folder permissions.

Alternatively you can disable secure anchoring to avoid the error. 

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can you please clarify below points.

is this secure anchoring enabled by default?

may I know how to Disable the secure anchoring feature?

I am getting below error 'Trusted storage hostid foes not match system hostid', and I want to suppress this error,  is there any SDK Method for the same?





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Revenera Moderator

Hi @Ravikiran ,

To answer your first question secure anchoring is not enabled by default.  You need to run a utilility (secureprofileutil) on your client identity in order to create a new client identity with secure anchoring enabled.