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Local License Server error "Server is busy"

I'm using the Java SDK client 2019.11.

I have on a number of occasions come across this exception after submitting a capability request to either borrow or return borrowed licenses.

com.flexnet.licensing.exceptions.PublicLicensingException: Server is busy (e.g. updating license rights from the back office or processing reservations).
at com.flexnet.licensing.b.a.j(SourceFile:404)
at com.flexnet.licensing.b.i.a(SourceFile:3435)
at com.flexnet.licensing.a.u.u(SourceFile:121)
at com.flexnet.licensing.a.u.<init>(SourceFile:56)
at com.flexnet.licensing.a.t.getResponseDetails(SourceFile:2902)
at com.flexnet.licensing.a.t.addTrustedStorageLicenseSource(SourceFile:156)
at com.flexnet.licensing.a.t.processCapabilityResponse(SourceFile:178)

It's hard to believe a license server will "turn away" capability requests because it was busy doing something else. How can I avoid this exception? Inserted an image of the settings in my producer settings xml file in case I've configured something incorrectly.




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Flexera Alumni

Hi @ageorge ,

For the setting, lfs.syncTo.enabled=true, the Server Guide notes:


The property that determines whether synchronization to the back office is
enabled. If synchronization is disabled, metered-usage or license distribution
data is still collected and retained but is not sent to the back
office until synchronization is re-enabled. (Default is false.)


There's a note about the default being off. Can you back it off to say 5 minutes instead of 2 seconds as its set now and report if the problem persists. 

Best Regards,


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Thanks @ejohnson1 

Do you mean I should change the setting lfs.syncTo.delay=2s to lfs.syncTo.delay=5m instead?

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Yes, please.

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Will do, thanks very much @ejohnson1 for the prompt response.

Hi George,

In my current testing (clean TS and anchor and no thereafter touch), when client(s) are attempting to hit the license server before it's up and running, the log entry as follows (using agreed producer-settings.xml):

ServiceBusyException("Service is busy updating license rights from the back office.")


Upon re-starting the license service, the client's borrow expiration period is expired and thus (quickly) re-claimed by the license server, and, lastly, thereafter available to another client capabiltyRequest. 

Also, upon license server restart (my current testing), clients can be served after the following log entry:


Let me know if the anchor cleanup helped.

Best Regards,


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