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Flexera beginner

How does grace period works?

I created a product which uses embedded counted license model. I entitled an organization to use the product, specifying the expiration date to a fixed date and grace period to 1 day.

After the expiration date is over I would expect my code to still be able to keep acquiring the license for one day. However, capability request sent to my cloud license server states that the feature has expired.

Can somebody help me understand why grace period is not working.


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Revenera Moderator

Re: How does grace period works?

Hi @paltvi ,

The licenses on your cloud server should contain both the entitlement expiration and the extended feature expiration date (Entitlement Expiration + Grace Period) as shown in the example below.   When Viewing the Server, select View / View Response to see this information.  License requests should be satisfied up until the extended feature expiration.    Please submit a support ticket if you are not seeing the expected behavior.






Flexera beginner

Re: How does grace period works?

Thanks @jberthold , server response does look ok. I am not sure why I could not acquire the license then.

I will check again to see if I missed something and get back if required.

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