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Flexnet C XT API Custom Attribute

After upgrading our our product to use the 2019.02 release of the Flexnet-C-XT-API, I noticed that the API for querying CustomAttributes is missing.


I just intended to implement a feature using the custom attributes but I cant seem to find the old FlcCustomAttributeGet*Item/Value functions. Were these replaced by a different API or was the feature just removed? As far as I can tell I can still add custom attributes to my licenses on the FNO side.

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Hi @harry_1_campbe ,

How is your custom attribute defined in FNO? 

Let's say you have a Product entity custom attribute, MyCustAttr, which then needs injected (or do a search in the online documentation for"Substitution Variables". The documentation shows the default injection technique with curly braces. These values (and our custom attribute) would be injected into one of the user defined fields (Vendor String, Serial Number, Notice) as follows: {Product.MyCustAttr} 

Upon license fulfillment and processing of the capability response, any and all information can be extracted from these fields: e.g. FlcFeatureGetVendorString.

Edit: sorry, i see you said C XT. Thank you.

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Hi @ejohnson1,

The custom attribute is defined as a "Custom License Attribute" which stores a Date. I attached this custom attribute to the License Model when I first created the License Model. It is defined to be specified at Entitlement Time. When I create new entitlement for a product based on that License Model, during the "Select Part Number & License Model" section I am prompted to specify a Date for my custom attribute. I guess my question is how do I access that custom attribute via the C-XT-API. I assume this custom attribute makes it into trusted storage?

I am aware of the VendorString as I use it to store some other information, which uses the {EntitlementLineItem.activationId} substitution varialbe.

Given your response, it sounds like custom attributes can only be used as substitution variables into one of the existing vendor fields (Vendor String, Serial Number, Notice). That does not align with what I am seeing on the FNO side of things.


Are there better ways of attaching custom data to a specific entitlement and accessing that information from trusted storage later?

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Hi @harry_1_campbe ,

The FNO license model entity is the only entity in FNO that I know that can deliver license information, which is processed into trusted storage (or the secure license container accessible by FNE/FNP/etc.).

The Entitlement Line Item or sometimes referred to as an Orderable is comprised of an Entitlement (as is the FNO Account entity).  This is entitlement information, so FNO (and SOAP credentialed accessible) instead of license information.

Let me know if makes sense.

Kind Regards.

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Hi @harry_1_campbe , doing some testing here, albeit with another entity, Entitlement, used to hold the metadata or custom attribute - e.g. {Entitlement.MyCustAttr}.

Will update soon.

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Hi @harry_1_campbe ,

It worked. Please see screenshots - Entitlement Custom Attribute set and metadata fufilled in View example for licensing

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screenshot of view example.

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