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Error message translation

Hi Flexera, 

Could you guide me on an error message : '[1,7e3,4,0[70000001,0,120b0094]] One of the imput parameters is bad'?

I would assume the first part can direct me where the error occur but is it hex or else?






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Re: Error message translation

Hi Paul,

I understand that you are trying to understand the encoding of information in the FNE error string. I think you are more likely to find success getting an answer to your question by contacting Flexera Tech Support.

If you still want to explore using the community forum to understand the error encoding then maybe someone else can comment, but I do not believe there is anything in the product documentation about it other than the description of the FlcErrorRef struct and its related functions.

Maybe you've already figured out the problem with input parameter and the actual error message is now irrelevant, but if you still want to explore using the community forum to resolve the bad input parameter, it would help if you provided a code snippet or example of the function call that is throwing the error.

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