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Using a DropBox URL for Flexnet Connect Updates

Using a DropBox URL for Flexnet Connect Updates


In order to use a DropBox URL for the download property of an update, the download URL needs to be specified in a specific format.. This article provides an overview of what is required.


The Flexnet Connect Client will generally be able to download from any HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP file server, provided that the URL is anonymous. It is assumed that the URL will be a direct link to a file, with no redirect, and no prompt for credentials. While Dropbox allows you to host a file, and generates a HTTPS URL, the URL is actually a redirect to another page, so the default URL format will now work for Flexnet Connect.


By default, Dropbox will provide a URL with a format similar to the following:<path>/<fileName.exe>

For example:

If this URL is pasted into a browser, a redirect will take place to a page where a download button must be selected in order to download the file.. This will not work with Flexnet Connect. In order to get the URL to function correctly with Flexnet Connect, the parameter "raw=1" must be added to the URL. This will allow the file to be downloaded without having to select a download button. Based on the above URL, the following would be the correct URL:

A Dropbox URL should also allow credentials to be embedded in the URL (if applicable). The URL including embedded credentials would be as follows:


Note that it is necessary to escape the colon @ between the user name and password, using "%40.

Additional Information

For additional information on the raw=1 parameter, please see How do I force a file to download from the web?
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