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What happened to FlexNet?

I was exploring the internet the other day, and stumbled, quite by accident,
But the comments indicate that FlexNet was well into it's death bed by the time the article was written, and indeed searching for any software didn't bear any fruit younger than 2001, and even that ran on Win95...

So... What happened? Movies series world Where did it go? Do we have any other protocols that implement this "Token Ring"-like polling? Cuz... It certainly SOUNDS like a miracle cure to many problems...

I did find that there is a Linux kernel module for DAMA "Slave" support... But it's developed against the FlexNet node "Master," and no Linux "Master" was ever developed... So that isn't gonna get me very far
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Flexera Alumni

Hi @Jasonpaul ,

Not sure your question is understood. Here is listing of FlexNet Products:

Does your question pertain to one of the listed products?

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