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Update Remains Listed as Available after being installed

We launched a product last week, and are now innundated with gripes regarding FLEXnet.

We use the Macrovision Hosted solution, thus have no product documentation other than what is available online [ 😞 ].

After fixing the "continuous search" bug in the IS12 instantiation of Update Manager, all of our users are experiencing problems with update availability notification.

After installing an update, that same update remains listed as "available" for download. Since are data updates are huge (>100Mb) and usually critical to the "legal" operation of the software, this creates consternation as they download it yet again, only to receive the same "available" notification.

Please tell me that this is a simple fix.

A QUICK anser to this issue is essential !!
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Level 9

The update will remain visible so long as the conditions you placed on that update (registry key, file version or date, etc. ) remain true.

So first thing: check the conditions you set on that update to verify that they will no longer be true once the update is installed.


PS. This is a great example of when I'd recommend contacting the support folks. They'll be able to work with you and look at the update to see what's up.
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