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Macrovision InstallShield Update Service Removal

We have remnants of a FlexNet Connect Update service installation on endpoints, and we are attempting to clean them up. The following folders and files exist.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService

"C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\dwusplay.dll"
"C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\isusweb.dll"
"C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\dwusplay.exe"

These files are tied to this support article provided by Flexera


The article offers a patch, which does remediate the vulnerability, but since the software is no longer in our environment, we'd like an official way to just remove those files silently from the endpoints, instead of updating them. Has anyone dealt with the removal of the FlexNet Connect Update service before? 

For reference, the Qualys remediation lists the following

"The vulnerable .dll file associated with this vulnerability may not be accessible through Windows Explorer. This is caused by isusweb.dll being a hidden file. To verify the existence of the .dll file, manual navigation to the directory via the command prompt is necessary.

%WINDIR%\Downloaded Program Files\isusweb.dll found
%WINDIR%\Downloaded Program Files\isusweb.dll Version is"


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