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IS IE Window will not close - required by installation

My Environment:
InstallShield Update Service SDK
Version = 2.00
Installer Version = 2.00.1207

InstallShield Developer
Version = 7.04
Installer Version = 7.04.242

ZoneAlarm - 3.7.098

IE - 6.08.2800.1106
As of May 12 03 6pm PDT, I updated a new release of our software product along with the usual update message for users.

At time of download and installation, the InstallShield IE window appears (the one with the INSTALL button) and insists on staying open until the download of the application and the following install is complete (which cannot occur...).

PROBLEM-> In the middle of my installation, the installation pop-up requires that my application AND any IE applications be closed to continue with the upgrade installation process.

This becomes a catch-22, since I CANNOT close the IS IE and cannot continue the intallation. The work around for me, as a tester of my own software, is to click IGNORE on the pop-up, then as a result I am asked to REBOOT my machine.

1. If the IS IE would close earlier, then I would not need to reboot my machine.
2. I published my IS update service message for my users and many are complaining about this and I think it is confusing to them. They, like me, are being asked to close all IE windows - - and the IS IE will not close by attempting to close it. As a result, I have customers that are not installing my application upgrade.

Does InstallShield have a work-around for this, that I can follow?

If so, I can re-submit my update for my users.

Let me know what more information you might need. Also, InstallShield - - please call me if you need to.

Thank you.
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Level 3

My Environment:
InstallShield Update Service SDK
Version = 2.00
Installer Version = 2.00.1207

InstallShield Developer
Version = 7.04
Installer Version = 7.04.242

ZoneAlarm - 3.7.098

IE - 6.0.2800.1106 (corrected to message)

Microsoft Windows 2000 (added to message)
- 5.00.2195
- Service Pack 3

Further testing shows that when mousing the IGNORE button on the installation pop-up, the IS IE window will not release itself to be closed, even after the installation is complete.

My application version format is xx.xx.xxxx, where 5.00.0013 is being updated by 5.00.0014.

IS DEV 7.04 Release info
Release Location
Media Format Network Image (Unlimited)
Compression Compressed
Disk Spanning Automatic

Use Path Variable Test Values No

Optimize Size Yes

Previous Package

Release Flags

Setup Launcher Yes (include Windows NT engine only)

MSI Engine Location Extract Engine From

Win9x MSI Engine URL
WinNT MSI Engine URL

MSI Engine Version 2.0

Delay MSI Engine Reboot Yes

Suppress Launcher Warning Yes

InstallScript Engine Location Extract Engine From Setup.exe
InstallScript Engine URL

Web Type One Executable

Wrap MSI into a Cab Yes
IFTW Cab Size in KB 0
Generate One-Click Install No
One-Click HTML Base Name install
One-Click Cab/Jar Base Name install
Browsers to Support Both Internet Explorer & Netscape Communicator
Netscape Certificate ID
Netscape Certificate Password
Netscape Certificate Path
Cache Web Download Yes
Cache Path [WindowsFolder]Downloaded Installations
Sign Launcher Yes
Certificate URL
Software Publishing Credentials\mycredentials.spc
Corresponding Private Key \myprivatekey.pvk
Password Protect Launcher No
Launcher Password
Use My Version Info Yes
Launcher Copyright Copyright 2003 Host Interface International, Inc. All Rights Reserved World Wide
Generate Package Definition File No
Generate Autorun.inf No
Demo File Name
.NET Framework Location Do Not include
.NET Framework URL
Display .NET Option Dialog No
Generate File Hash Values Yes
MSI Command Line Arguments REINSTALL=ALL, REINSTALLMODE=veoums
Hide Add/Remove Panel Entry No
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Level 2

We are having the same problem. Did you find a solution?
Thanks in advance,
Steve Johnson
Tartus, Inc.
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Level 3

I've seen the same issue, though only sporadically. My only thought was that our installer was attempting to update ISUSWEB.DLL and that IE was holding it open at the time, but since I've been unable to reproduce the problem with any regularity, I've got no solid leads.
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