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Cannot find InstallShield 2010 Standalone Build to download

We recently bought InstallShield Premier 2010 SP1 w/ Hotfix 52410 (web download). The IDE works great, but we have several build machines which need to have the Standalone Build installed. According to the help within the IDE, it states:

If you downloaded InstallShield, the file is available through FLEXnet Connect. For more information, see Obtaining Updates for InstallShield.

Following the "see Obtaining Updates for InstallShield" link, it instructs me to launch Tools -> Check for Updates within the IDE which launches the software manager. However, once the window opens, there are two messages (both link to but no option to download the Standalone Build. Following the URL link, it allows me to install Prerequisite patches for 2010, but no option for the Standalone Build.

Can anyone please show me where within the FLEXnet Connect window I can download the InstallShield 2010 Premier Standalone Build application (or anywhere else for that matter?) Thanks.
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Don't know if you found what you were looking for, but we recently upgraded as well and I noticed the same thing. However, when I went to Tools > Check for Updates, the dialog that came up with an "important message" for Installshield Premier Edition File and Utilities. When I clicked on the associated "Learn More" link, it took me to a download link for the SAB.
0 Kudos clearly says "the Standalone Build installation file is available for download as documented in the InstallShield download and license instructions (" but latter link does not have SAB or even build word
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