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No inventory generated when using Azure DevOps plugin

No inventory generated when using Azure DevOps plugin


This article documents how to point the 'Folder(s) to Scan' parameter in Azure Devops to the correct location for use with the FlexNet Code Insight plugin


After configuring the new Azure Devops FlexNet Code Insight plugin, the build runs and the plugin runs but the results in FlexNet Code Insight are always as follows:
Scan Summary : 0 Files | 0 Inventory Items


The 'Folder(s) to Scan' property in Azure Devops normally points to the artifact built by FlexNet Code Insight. If FlexNet Code Insight is not building the artifacts, the parameters for the scan folder need to be changed in Azure Devops. Please modify the 'Folder(s) to Scan' property to read '$(Build.Repository.LocalPath)' to point to the local path to allow the scan to succeed
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