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HTTP 401 Error in FlexNet Code Insight When Using the Ant Plugin

HTTP 401 Error in FlexNet Code Insight When Using the Ant Plugin


This article documents two possible causes for a HTTP 401 authentication issues when attempting to use the Ant plugin for FlexNet Code Insight.


After setting up the Ant plugin for FlexNet Code Insight as described in "FNCI_2018R2_InstallGuide.pdf" pp.53-54 including modifying the build.xml, there are http 401 errors when attempting to use the plugin. The full error is as follows:

2018-07-24 10:38:32 WARN [http-nio-8888-exec-1] [JwtUtil] JWT parse failed: io.jsonwebtoken.MalformedJwtException: JWT strings must contain exactly 2 period characters. Found: 0

[codeinsightantplugin] Received status code [401] for request ::::8888/codeinsight/api/v1/agent/supports?projectName=ePortal-1.3-inventoryonly
[codeinsightantplugin] testConnection :::User not authorized to access the project
Error while scanning through scan agent Error while scanning through the scan agent.FNCI Server Connection Failed. Please check the server url and authentication token.


To resolve this issue please check that the generated JWT token is correct and includes two period characters (.). If the JWT token is correct, check that the correct value is entered in the build.xml for the fnciauthtoken.

Wrong value: fnciauthtoken=" server_token_value "
Right value : fnciauthtoken="Bearer server_token_value "

If both of these values are correct, please contact our Technical Support for further assistance. Please ensure you provide a copy of the catalina.out and antexecutionlog.txt for analysis when contacting Technical Support
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