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FlexNet Code Insight database connector installer instructions

FlexNet Code Insight database connector installer instructions


This article documents the correct instructions for the placement of the database connector during the installation of FlexNet Code Insight.


Installer doesn?t prompt for mysql-connector-java*.jar even if it doesn?t exit in the install folder. Due to this, users can?t clearly know what to do with the connector when installing the FlexNet Code Insight.

It should be improved as below:

Install guide should clearly state that mysql-connector-java*.jar needs to be copied to tomcat/lib.The install script should also prompt users to specify the location of mysql-connector-java*.jar so that it can copy the file to tomcat/lib.


Our Product Management have created two separate tasks to ensure this work is completed as follows:

SCA-11916 Documentation: Database connector details missing from Install Guide - Linux
SCA-11917 Installer: Database connector details

These instructions will be included in the upcoming 2018 R3 release documentation.
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