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Palamida: Getting reports using commandline (APIs) in version 6

Currently, we are using Palamida version 6 and using the Swagger document functions to create, upload files for scan.

Now, we are looking to download or view the report of the scan via commandline using the APIs.

Would like to get some help on how to get / download the scan report using commandline (groovy script) using the Public APIs in version 6.


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I am using FlexNet Code Insight 2019 R1. I use this command to download the report thru API's

curl -X GET "http://<IP>:8888/codeinsight/api/project/generateReport?projectId=<PROJECT_ID>&reportType=PROJECT" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>" >


IP: Your Palamida IP or Machine Name

PROJECT_ID: Your project reference number

TOKEN: Authentication token generated thru Menu Bar -> preferences  -> Add Token


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Hi @pulkit_lall,

Thank you for your message. We have a knowledge base article which covers a wide variety of scripting topics including adding workspace reports to the public API's executed through ScriptRunner in FlexNet Code Insight 6.X. This article is available at the following link:

Please review the 'Workspace Reports' section of this article and if you have any further queries on this please raise a new support case. A member of our Technical Support team will then be able to assist further with this issue.

Kind Regards,


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