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FNCI 2023.R2 - problems with handling specific characters (mid dot - \u00B7) using REST API

The middle dot character is largely used in some licenses (e.g. MS .NET) , text example
"i. Right to Use and Distribute.
· You may copy and distribute the object code form of the software."

The inventory fields (string) can handle mid dots characters when the text is pasted from clipboard in UI, but when we try to use API to copy the abovementioned text from a given inventory and paste the same text/value into another inventory the mid dot character shows as \u00B7, such as:

"i. Right to Use and Distribute.
\u00B7 You may copy and distribute the object code form of the software."

However, if you copy and paste the contents of the field to another field in the UI it will appear properly.

Text containing this character is displayed properly when it appears in json. It can be printed with no issues, but the mid dot character won't paste correctly into inventories' fields using an API.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create an inventory with text containing middots (example ) in audit notes or notices field.
2. Try to replace similar field value in another inventory by copying the text from #1 using get and put APIs and Inventory model
3. Check the freshly pasted text for \u00B7

Actual Results: An invalid character is displayed

Expected Results: Display the middot character


The same applies to some other specific characters, e.g. "'"


Have anyone ever experienced the same problem?

Any advice on how to solve it without hard replacing the mid dot with another character like "-"?

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Hi @alex_nikitin

JSON is encoded in UTF-8, meaning Unicode characters should work, so this may be an issue with how Code Insight is parsing the string. I would recommend opening a support case with us so that we can open a ticket with our Engineering team on this issue.

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