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Error while generating security report using Flexnet Code Aware

I am facing two issues with FlexNet Code Aware

  • I installed FlexNetCodeAware-2019R2.exe on Windows to scan my code base and generate a security report, but there was an error in generating the report. Attached below is the screensht of the error.

flexnet error.png

  • I am unable to uninstall FlexNetCodeAware-2019R2. A few months back I had used FlexNetCodeAwareFree2018R1 and it generated reports successfully. So I proceeded to uninstall FlexNetCodeAware-2019R2 and generate reports using the older version FlexNetCodeAwareFree2018R1. But the uninstall process got hanged, some of the files got deleted from the installation directory but not all. I couldn't install the older version, couldn't repair or re-install the latest version.
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Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

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