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Usage Intelligence: location of rui SDK jar in installed application

This question is for the Usage Intelligence forum:

We are running a trial/test of the usage intelligence Java API. Our application is a desktop application and this is the structure of how we bundle libraries in the installed application.


  • internal1.jar
  • internal2.jar
  • ExternalJars(this is a folder)
    • External1.jar
    • RuiSDK.jar
    • ...
  • ...

What we have discovered is, if we deploy the RUI SDK jar in the ExternalJars folder (which is within the JarsFolder), the analytics application is not initialised. However, if we deploy the RUI SDK jar in the JarsFolder i.e. in the same folder as our internal classes jars (which is where the initialisation of the analytics is done) then it works fine.

Are we missing something in the configuration/setup? We would like to keep our application deployment structure/philosophy the same if possible i.e. keep internal and external jars in separate folders.


So far we havent seen anything which tells us one way or another. 


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Hi @ageorge ,

In reviewing your question, it looks you are asking about our Usage Intelligence product. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a forum for that product. This is under consideration for future community enhancements.

In the meantime, to help answer your question it appears we would need additional information. Could you please open a support ticket using our online Case Portal, and our support team can get more details? You can access the case portal by going to Get Support ->  Open New Case in the menu above. It does require you to be signed into the community as a Revenera customer. Please let me know if you are unable to see this and I can help you get access.


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@cvsuser Thanks for the reply.

Another of your colleagues picked up my query and has been in contact by email (before I could even open a support case 👍).

Hopefully my query will be resolved via that route.


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