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Opt-out and server calls

According to the opt-out mechanism documentation:, "The ruiOptOut() function Instructs the SDK to send a message to the server to indicate that this user is opting-out (if not already sent in previous sessions) and disables all further functionality and communication with the server."

If I understand this correctly, we can still make API calls (such as ruiSetCustomProperty or ruiTrackEvent) but none of these will result in any of that data being sent to the server, right?

By "communication with the server", I presume this means the URL given in ruiCreateConfig will not be called: (see "serverURL (const char*)").

The reason I ask is that one of our users of our software is reporting that they are still seeing calls being made to that "serverURL". It is my understanding that this should not happen. Can you please let me know if this is not necessarily true and whether there is something we should be doing differently in the opt-out case.

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