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Behavior of Usage Intelligence with different screen setups

In the Raw Data the Monitor Count, Resolution - Horizontal, Resolution - Vertical and Screen Pixels per Inch are reported.

Upon inspecting the data i have several questions:

  1.  What is the expected behavior in a multi-screen setup, especially if the screens are different sizes?
    1. Sometimes the reported number of screens does not seem to match the resolution, e.g. I have clients with 1920x1080 resolution and one screen, but then there are clients with the same resolution but two reported screens.
    2. What is to be expected from the Screen Pixels per Inch on devices with different values?
  2. How dose Usage Intelligence handle scaling? I got some really exotic resolution (e.g. 1410x703) and my best guess is, that this is due to a scaled monitor, could you clarify this?
  3. Some graphics cards allow you to combine multiple monitors into one large screen, and I believe this was a feature on Win 11 as well. How does Usage Intelligence report the resolution and number of monitors in this case?

Thanks and best regards,

Paul März

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