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Scheduled Maintenance: FlexNet Operations SSL Certificate Update – SubscribeNet Endpoints (may require action)

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Revenera Community Admin
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The new certificates are now available. 

Original Post (‎Feb 26, 2024 10:11 AM)

Revenera makes use of SSL certificates to protect the transmission of sensitive information in the use of FlexNet Operations Cloud applications. These certificates are installed on Revenera web servers for establishing a secure line of communication between you and the application and must be updated annually to maintain operability.

This update affects only a limited number of FlexNet Operations License Lifecycle Management (LLM) customers who are still using the legacy “” URLs.

The SubscribeNet endpoint certificates will be updated at the following times:

NOTE: Please pay special attention to this notification if you have any integrations running against the FlexNet Operations service that use the legacy endpoints. These endpoints are used for most customer integrations, including web services and batch processing.

We strongly recommend you forward this email to the group, within your organization, responsible for managing the integration and have them follow the steps outlined in the FlexNet Operations Cloud - Digital Certificates article. We ask that you install the new certificate on your systems before the renewal date and test your integrations in UAT before April 16, 2024. You can download the new certificates from this article when they are updated in UAT.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please open a case with Revenera Technical Support or reach out to your trusted Revenera contact. We advise subscribing to the Revenera Status Dashboard and this FlexNet Operations News blog for further announcements related to the certificate renewal.