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Scheduled Maintenance: FlexNet Operations Certificate Renewals (2022)

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Maintenance for this change in Production is scheduled for February 17th at 10AM PST. Please see the notification on the Revenera Status Page for more details.

Update (‎Jan 13, 2022 11:29 AM😞

An emergency maintenance on UAT has been scheduled for February 2nd at 12PM PST to mitigate connectivity issues experienced by a subset of customers after the certificate renewal. If you did not experience any issues on your UAT environment, then this maintenance should have no impact.

Impacted customers are advised to retest their UAT environments upon completion of the maintenance and notify Revenera of any issues by February 14th. After which, a Production deployment of the updated certificate will be scheduled and announced. 

For more information about this, please refer to the Revenera Status Dashboard.  

Original Post (Jan 13, 2022 11:29 AM)

Revenera makes use of SSL certificates to protect the transmission of sensitive information in the use of FlexNet Operations Cloud applications. The certificates are installed and used on Revenera web servers for establishing a secure line of communication between you and the application.

The following Digicert certificates are scheduled to be renewed on these dates:

  • UAT Producer Portal (LLM) - manageruat.flexnetoperations.com – January 14, 2022
  • UAT Enterprise Portal (ALM/LLM) - *.flexnetoperations.com – January 14, 2022
  • Production Producer Portal (LLM) - manager.flexnetoperations.com – January 24, 2022
  • Production Enterprise Portal (ALM/LLM) - *.flexnetoperations.com – January 24, 2022

Note: The Producer Portal certificates are used for the management endpoints within FlexNet Operations Cloud. The Producer Portal certificate changes will only affect users of the FlexNet Operations License Lifecycle Management (LLM). These endpoints are used for most customer integrations, including web services and batch processing. Please pay special attention to this notification if you have any integrations running against the FlexNet Operations service.

To ensure there are no interruptions with your integration, please make sure you install the new certificate on your systems before the renewal date and test your integrations in UAT before January 24, 2022. To stay up to date on scheduled maintenance, please subscribe to updates on our Revenera Status Dashboard.

What steps can an end-user expect to take on or after the renewal date?
The first time a user accesses the portal, they may be prompted to accept the new certificate by the browser. If prompted, the user needs to accept the new certificate.

What steps need to be performed for integration clients?
If the client is configured to trust either the intermediary or root CA certificate, no action is required. If the client is configured to use the explicit *.flexnetoperations.com certificate, the client truststore will need to be updated with the new certificate attached in this post (see below).

How does my organization prepare for the renewal if we are using the certificate for integration purposes with Revenera?
Please share this post to the group within your organization responsible for managing the integration. They can follow the steps outlined on the FlexNet Operations Cloud - Digital Certificates knowledge base article.

Alternatively, you can contact Revenera’s Support Team. They will be able to provide you with the public key and assist you with importing and using the new certificate.