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RESOLVED: FlexNet Operations Cloud ALM Reporter Issues

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Revenera Community Admin
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Latest Update:

This post is to inform you that the FlexNet Operations Cloud ALM Reporter issue is resolved. The ETL job has successfully completed for entitlement and fulfillment data up to and including December 17th and the data is available in the data warehouse. Device data transformation is still in progress. We will monitor its status and provide another update once it is complete. We appreciate your patience as we worked to rectify the situation . If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Revenera Technical Support team or your trusted Revenera contact.

Original Post (December 17, 2020 02:41 PM PST): 

Customers currently experience issues with incomplete or missing data in FlexNet Operations Cloud ALM Reporter. This is impacting FlexNet Operations Cloud ALM entitlement, device, and fulfillment data from December 7th to present. Data up to December 6th is not impacted by that issue. The reason is an ongoing issue with the ETL job required to transform data to the data warehouse.

NOTE: FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM Reporter is not affected by the issue and has the latest data. 

Our team is aware of the issue and is actively working on the analysis and resolution. While more data is being transformed into the data warehouse, the resolution is not complete yet and we do not have an ETA. We will continue to update this post as we have more information. Please subscribe to this thread to be notified when updates are published.

For customers urgently needing assistance related to this issue, please contact the Revenera Technical Support team.