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Product News: Software Monetization Naming and Release Cadence Changes in 2021

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Revenera Community Admin
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We’re excited to announce that starting in 2021, we are moving to a monthly release cadence for our Software Monetization products. This change enables us to innovate and deliver our solutions quicker, collect valuable feedback earlier from our customers, and reduce the disruption caused by major release rollouts. As part of the new monthly release cadence, we will also be changing the naming conventions of our releases.

Please see the information below to understand what this means and what will change:

What is the new naming convention?

Starting in 2021, the name of a release will follow the convention of YYYY.MM. For example, a January release in 2021 will be called 2021.01.

What products are impacted by this change?

  • FlexNet Operations Cloud ALM
  • FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM
  • FlexNet Embedded Licensing

Due to the close integration between FlexNet Operations Cloud and FlexNet Embedded, we are also moving to a monthly release cadence for FlexNet Embedded. If there are release payloads for FlexNet Embedded (client toolkits and local license server), the plan is to release this on the same date as the FlexNet Operations Cloud production release.

Will there be documentation?

Each release will come with a change log, which will be available on the Revenera Documentation site during the release to UAT.

What about FlexNet Publisher, Usage Intelligence, and Compliance Intelligence?

As these are standalone products on their own cycle, they will stay with their own release cadence. They will, however, use the new naming convention introduced as part of the changes in 2021.

How do I know the upcoming release schedule?

The latest release schedule is maintained on our Software Monetization Release Schedule page of the Revenera Community. We recommend you subscribe to this page to stay up to date on any release schedule changes.

NOTE: The Software Monetization Release Schedule page requires customer-level community privileges. If you cannot access this page, please contact your trusted Revenera team member or our Revenera Technical Support for assistance.

If you have any questions about the upcoming change, please contact our Revenera team members who are happy to assist you.